""Karabakh spokesman criticises Baku over strike

Political News 17-05-2017 12:51
The spokesperson for the leader of Azerbaijan's breakaway "Nagorno-Karabakh" has slammed Baku after Azeri armed forces fired a guided missile at an Armenian military facility, News.am website reported on 16 May.

Spokesperson Davit Babayan said that the Karabakh side did not suffer any losses in the attack, with the exception of a car loaded with fuel.

He said the move was directed against the international community, which, according to him, has failed to firmly condemn Baku's actions so far. "This aggression, after all, is directed not only against Nagorno-Karabakh but also against the OSCE and all international law," the website quoted Babayan as saying.

He added that the economic crisis in Azerbaijan has caused discontent in Azeri society.

Babayan noted that it is not a coincidence that the Azerbaijani authorities have shut down opposition websites and closed Radio Free Europe Bureau.

"This is terrorism against its own people. And in order to divert people's attention from internal problems, an accent is made on the foreign threat, and the Azerbaijani authorities do not shun away from using any methods, periodically going for provocations," Babayan was quoted as saying by News.am.