8,300ft-high mountain-top hotel - PHOTO

16:27 | 18.09.2014
8,300ft-high mountain-top hotel - PHOTO

8,300ft-high mountain-top hotel - PHOTO

A hotel with awe-inspiring, panoramic views over the Italian Alps is offering holidaymakers free accommodation.

But to make the most of this generous hospitality, you'll have to scale a mountain first.

The incredible building is set 8,300ft on the top of Foronon Buinz Mountain, in the Julian Alps, Italy, and welcomes all who can make it to the high altitude location.

Designed as a tribute to climber Luca Vuerich who tragically died in an avalanche while scaling a waterfall, it is so high the building materials had to be helicoptered into place.

The tent-shaped shelter of wood and steel has space for nine beds when weary travellers on the Ceria-Merlone trail make it to the reinforced structure.

A group of 12 people - including Vuerich''s family and friends and mountain rescue volunteers - managed to fix the 30 panels that make up the building together in just one day.

Italian firm Diemmelegno manufactured the parts and designed the frame to avoid a build up of snow.

Even if it becomes completely covered during the winter, the entrance is south facing where the sun can melt a build-up of flakes and ice fastest.

It's the brainchild of architect Giovanni Pescamosca, from Udine, Italy.

He said: 'From the day of the inauguration, the building has become a destination for mountain lovers.

'During the harsh winter and the summer it's as a safe place with a breath-taking view over rocks immersed in the silence of nature.'



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