Another 10 bison brought to Azerbaijan

19:30 | 23.11.2022
Another 10 bison brought to Azerbaijan

Another 10 bison brought to Azerbaijan

10 more bison were brought to Azerbaijan as part of the bison reintroduction project implemented by the IDEA Public Union, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, and the WWF Azerbaijan Office, reported from IDEA.

With 10 more bison brought from the German Tierpark Berlin zoological park, the number of bison in the Ismailli section of Shahdag National Park reached 41. The newly brought bison will be kept in an aviary for some time, and after passing the adaptation period, they will be released into the territory of the Shahdag National Park.

The project is expected to be continued until 2028, and the number of bison will be 100.

Since May 2019, 26 bison have been brought to Azerbaijan from German, Belgian, and Dutch zoos, and their number has naturally increased to 31.
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