Armenia, Iran working on project for new bridge over Araz River

11:00 | 06.12.2023
Armenia, Iran working on project for new bridge over Araz River

Armenia, Iran working on project for new bridge over Araz River

Armenia and Iran are working on a project to build a new bridge across the Araz River. Now specialists are conducting a feasibility study for the subsequent design of the bridge, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia Kristina Galechyan told Spuntik-Armenia.

"We must clarify the technical indicators for the construction of the bridge. In this case, the parameters of the functioning bridge will be taken into account, in particular, its throughput,” Galechyan said.

It is possible that the new bridge will be built parallel to the existing one. At the same time, the deputy minister urged not to rush and wait for the completion of a feasibility study, which will help determine the length, width, capacity and other parameters of the new structure.

Regarding the construction of the southernmost section of the North-South highway - from Agarak bordering Iran to the city of Qajaran (32 km), Galechyan noted that, in all likelihood, the active phase of work will begin in February 2024.

"The company must mobilize a large amount of equipment and set up a camp. According to our preliminary assessment, physical work will begin no later than February 2024. We are waiting for the Iranian company’s work plan,” Galechyan noted.

The southernmost section of the North-South highway is being built by the Iranian consortium of companies Abad Rahan Pars and Tunnel Sadd Ariana. The contract was signed in Yerevan in October 2023. Then it was decided to form an Armenia-Iran working group to build another border bridge on the Araz River.

The bridge operating on the border of two states has low capacity. In addition, the structure, erected in the last century, is already dilapidated. Armenia is modernizing the Meghri checkpoint, planning to introduce modern technologies there that will speed up the inspection of cargo and the passage of cars.
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