Attack of the 'feline ninja! - PHOTO

10:30 | 18.12.2013
Attack of the 'feline ninja! - PHOTO

Attack of the 'feline ninja! - PHOTO

For two years, Sam the cat was nurtured and adored by owner Aydan Ulugun.She had got him when he was just six weeks old and as well as knowing his every purr, she had come to think of him as her child.So imagine Miss Ulugun’s distress when she had to resort to defending herself against him – with a vacuum cleaner.It was all the decorator had to hand when Sam launched a vicious attack on her, transforming into a ‘psychopath cat’ in a split second and leaving his doting owner in hospital on a drip.The 35-year-old had merely walked into her spare bedroom, where Sam spends a lot of time, when he leapt at her, sinking his teeth into her leg and clawing at her skin ‘like a feline ninja’.Luckily Miss Ulugun’s mother, who lives with her in Walthamstow, east London, was in their three-bedroom home and rushed upstairs to fight off the cat. The pair barricaded themselves in the room while Sam prowled the landing, and only plucked up courage to emerge half an hour later – armed with a vacuum cleaner. Miss Ulugun then spent seven hours in A&E where she was  X-rayed and given antibiotics through a drip, as well as a tetanus injection.The wound on her leg is refusing to heal more than a week after the attack and she is waiting to see an orthopaedic consultant to find out if Sam has inflicted any long-term damage.A shocked Miss Ulugun said Sam had always been as ‘good as gold’ before the attack. ‘I’ve had him since he was six weeks old. I absolutely adore him and give him loads of affection. 'I treated him like he was my kid. But when I walked into the spare room he was looking very odd,’ she said.‘His hair puffed up and his tail seemed far larger than normal. His facial expression changed and became menacing and he started making strange, aggressive noises, when he is normally quiet.‘He pounced on me as my back was turned. I was terrified that my little cat who was so lovely had turned into a monster.’Miss Ulugun has since taken Sam to the vet to be neutered, which she hopes will help calm him down. She said: ‘The vet thought it must have been a dog that attacked me. She said it was the worst injury caused by a cat she had ever seen.’She added: ‘The vet thought  the problem might be territorial or behavioural.’Miss Ulugun has suffered flashbacks since the attack and has  now decided to give Sam up to Battersea Dogs and Cats home. ‘It’s going to be for his best interests and mine,’ she said.(
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