Authorities discover 19 bodies in W. Mexican city

16:00 | 09.08.2019

Mexican authorities have discovered the remains of 19 people across the city of Uruapan in the western state of Michoacan, the local public prosecutor's office said Thursday, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

The bodies were found lying close to one another in the northeastern part of Uruapan, which is the second most populous city of Michoacan and famous for its avocado plantations, state prosecutor Adrian Lopez said at a press conference.

Authorities had first discovered nine bodies on a bridge on the city's industrial boulevard. Later, another seven dismembered bodies and then three others were found at a nearby location, said the prosecutor.

"According to the investigation, the victims' bodies contained bullet wounds," Lopez said about the third group of bodies.

Authorities attributed the deaths to local gang violence.

The Michoacan state police, in coordination with the Mexican Army and the National Guard, have increased surveillance in the area.

Over the last decade, Michoacan has been the scene of a rising level of violent crimes as drug cartels have intensified fighting over control of narcotics production and distribution.