Azerbaijan uses AN-2 planes to locate Armenian S-300 missiles in Karabakh war - officer

15:35 | 22.10.2021
"From the onset of the Patriotic War, President of Azerbaijan, Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev issued special instructions to all structures of the Armed Forces, including the State Border Service (SBS). All the instructions issued by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief have been successfully fulfilled,” Colonel Ginyaz Garalov, Chief of the Personnel Department under the State Border Service, told the October 22 conference, organized by the Parliamentary Committee on Defense, Security and Corruption, to mark the anniversary of the Karabakh victory.

Report informs that he said the operations carried out by professional officers, ensigns and soldiers of the SBS have created innovations in the military history:

"As a result of the use of AN-2 aircraft during the war, the enemy's anti-aircraft missile systems were discovered. As a result, we have managed to detect and destroy the relevant enemy facilities, including S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems and other equipment from day one. The destruction of these means from the first day of the war allowed the armed forces to move forward. I believe that the servicemen of the SBS fulfilled their duties with dignity and honor during the Patriotic War."
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