Azerbaijani-American Alliance launches Khojaly campaign

14:34 | 20.02.2015
The monitor that displays information about the genocide was installed on the Broadway Street.

Non-governmental organization Azerbaijani-American Alliance (AAA), operating in the United States, once again launches traditional large-scale educational events, dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy.

Educational campaign called "Khojaly ... The human tragedy against Azerbaijan", led by the founder of the Alliance Anar Mammadov, covers the states of New York and Washington.

For several days the monitors installed in the center of the famous Times Square in New York City demonstrate graphics reflecting information about Khojaly genocide.

Times Square - an area, located in Manhattan, New York - is nicknamed the "crossroads of the world." The monitor that displays information about the Khojaly genocide, is installed on Broadway, between the 46th and 47th streets.

The video, shown on the displays at the Times Square,  will be viewed by 1.5 million people per day and by 11 million people per week. Another strand of the campaign is graphics, reflected by means of a mobile projection on the walls of buildings of the central streets of New York.

In addition, a car with an attached projector on it, moving through the streets, where a lot of people mass up, shows the truth about the Khojaly genocide on the walls of stone buildings, once again to convey to people the whole truth about this horrific page in the history of Azerbaijan .

As a continuation of the action, the vehicle with the attached cube with monitors that broadcast video footage of the Khojaly genocide moves in the central streets of New York. The video cube is rotated 180 degrees, so that others may see the information from all sides.

The campaign launched in New York will continue in Washington.

Information on the campaign can be obtained from the below web pages of the Alliance:


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