Azercell reveals the “Vicrory Year”s results

15:32 | 05.03.2021
The leading mobile operator supported the country in all areas in the challenging year of 2020

Azercell Telecom's commitment to make the digital future accessible to its customers and to respond more quickly to the needs of a dynamically changing world justified itself successfully in the transformation that 2020 brought to the global community. Azercell's digitalization strategy, aligning with the new style of living and working in the isolated environment across the world, offered people of all ages a comfortable and fast way to communicate in education, entertainment and business fields. Its aim to make the daily lives of its customers more comfortable through innovative services and technological solutions made it possible for the leading mobile operator to connect with its 5 millionth subscriber in 2020.

Azercell Telecom managed to complete 2020, a year of challenges for both national and global economy, with no losses and remarkable achievements. As the largest taxpayer in Azerbaijan's non-oil sector, with 49% share in the country's mobile communications market in 2020, Azercell paid AZN 111 million in taxes to the state budget in 2020, and a total of AZN 2 billion over 24 years. The mobile operator invested USD 58 million in the development of telecommunications in Azerbaijan in 2020, and USD 1.7 billion over 1996-2020.

Azercell established the first communication and mobile internet network in our liberated regions, including Shusha - the pearl of Karabakh, in 2020, a year of the glorious victory for the people of Azerbaijan. Now, the geographical coverage of the mobile operator has reached 94.8%, including the liberated territories of the country while the population coverage stands at 98.8%. Azercell Telecom, which always stands at the forefront in quality and fast mobile internet services, successfully implemented its LTE network improvement project in the country in 2020. Thus, the coverage of Azercell's LTE network has increased from 74.2% to 85.1% over the year. At the same time, 784 new radio base stations operating on 4G technology were installed in 2020, and the number of LTE-backed stations reached 2,679. The volume of data transmitted over the Azercell network increased 2.25 times. In general, internet traffic on the LTE network alone grew by 60% in 2020. 

During 2020, the work aiming to provide stations and tunnels of Baku Metro with LTE network was successfully continued, and currently Azercell 4G network is active in 14 metro stations of the capital city.

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