Baku to host first Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup in February

16:32 | 25.01.2017
The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation is launching the new competition season with the FIG World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling.

Thus, the new Olympic cycle’s first World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics will take place at the National Gymnastics Arena on February 18-19.

Eighty-five trampoline and tumbling gymnasts, who have arrived in Baku from 15 countries, will test their strength on the basis of the new Code of Points coming into force in 2017.

The qualifications to take place on the first day of the competitions will be followed by finals the next day.

At these events, Azerbaijan will be represented by Ilya Grishunin, Oleg Piunov, Ruslan Aghamirov, Sviatlana Makshtarova and Veronika Zemlianaia in the trampoline individual program and within synchro pairs, as well as by Mikhail Malkin on the tumbling track.

The World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics, the development of which started in Azerbaijan from the end of 2013, will be organized in Azerbaijan for the second time, while tumbling events of this kind will make a debut in the country this year.

Gymnastics competitions, always distinguished by high-level organization, promise to be remembered by a number of new introductions this time as well.

Along with witnessing an interesting competitive rivalry in presentation of "flying” stars – trampoline and tumbling gymnasts – the spectators will also be able to participate in entertaining contests and flash mobs.

Among famous men trampoline athletes, there will be Olympic Games’ gold medalist Uladzislau Hancharou (Belarus), silver medalist Dmitrii Ushakov (Russia), the medalists of the World Championships Sebastien Martiny (France), Andrey Yudin (Russia), Mikhail Melnik (Russia), while among women trampoline athletes there will be Tatsiana Piatrenia (Belarus) and Anna Kornetskaya (Russia).

At tumbling men’s events, the World Championships’ silver medalist Grigory Noskov (Russia) is in the list of competitors on the tumbling track, while at women’s competitions, gold winner of the European Championships Anna Korobeinikova (Russia), as well as silver medalist of the World and European Championships Lucie Colebeck (UK) and other gymnasts will demonstrate their mastery.