Bale shows off incredible skills doing kick-ups with a golf ball

21:01 | 20.07.2016
The Welsh winger proved he is a man of many talents in an advert for Sprint 6 Golf, a new quick-speed six-hole format.

The 30-second clip starts with Bale keeping the ball in the air with an iron.

Things get even more impressive when he starts using his feet and knees to keep the ball up – managing an incredible 58 kick-ups in 30 seconds.

The Real Madrid pro is a keen golfer with a solid handicap of six.

He spent thousands building replicas of his three favourite golf holes in his back garden.

In 2015 Bale told the Express: "I love playing golf. I love the sport, I love the fact that you can just get away from everything, be with your friends and no one can come over to you on a golf course.

"It's nice to get out and, I suppose, switch your mind off from football. Just have a laugh.”

Bale recently announced his engagement to girlfriend Emma Rhys-Jones.

He reportedly spent £400,000 whisking her to a private Mediterranean island for the proposal.

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