Biden may face impeachment this month

15:30 | 08.12.2023
Biden may face impeachment this month

Biden may face impeachment this month

The House Rules Committee announced Thursday it will consider a resolution next week to formalize Republicans' ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and the White House called the move a "baseless stunt."

Reported from foreign media that the panel will mark up a resolution on Tuesday, December 12 to direct the House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means committees to continue their work investigating Biden.

As the House prepares to take action next week, lawmakers are digging into partisan trenches -- setting up a party-line vote.

Even moderate GOP impeachment skeptics who represent districts that Biden won in 2020 are coming around in support of the resolution. House Speaker Mike Johnson previously told reporters he believed Republicans would have the necessary support for the resolution to pass.

"It is the legislative branch's responsibility to assert our responsibility," said New York Rep. Marc Molinaro. "Without question there are issues of impropriety, and they have to be confronted."
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