Build your own tropical paradise! - PHOTO

19:45 | 18.09.2014
Build your own tropical paradise! - PHOTO

Build your own tropical paradise! - PHOTO

Here’s something to dream about the next time you buy a ticket for a massive lottery jackpot.

With an asking price of £8.5 million, an uninhabited island in northern Maldives has hit the market, giving a wealthy entrepreneur an ideal opportunity to build a luxury resort from scratch.

The pancake-shaped tropical island of Orivaru comes with permits for a hotel and spa, according to luxury real estate firm Debutesq Group, which listed the 34.6-acre property.

Located 45 minutes by seaplane from the capital Male, Orivaru is one of 71 islands that form the Noonu Atolls and a haven for anyone who is seeking privacy.

Only 13 of the islands are inhabited and the closest one – Minaavaru, which is home to a Hilton resort and spa – is three miles away.

Alan O’Connor, managing director for Debutesq Group, said: ‘There is nothing on the island right now. It’s a complete virgin island.’

The island is held on a long leasehold from the Maldivian government but Debutesq Group said such leases are frequently renegotiated and extended.

Ringed by a white sand beach that is lapped by crystal clear water, Orivaru is a blank canvas for its future owner or owners.

Mr O’Connor said permits issued by the Ministry of Tourism have paved the way for some inland development and guest rooms on the shore.

Debutesq Group said inland development would include restaurants, guest lounges, pools and a wellness spa, while permits allow for nearly 100 private rooms and water villas that would have exhilarating views of the Indian Ocean.

The island has a natural port allowing boats and seaplanes to berth without interfering too much with the natural landscape.

For the last two years, Orivaru has been owned by a Maldivian registered company led by a property investor from the Czech Republic.



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