Bumbling ISIS fighter’s final moments caught on headcam

23:00 | 28.04.2016
A group of disorganised and panicky terrorists were caught on video as they struggled to fire rockets at Kurdish peshmerga troops about 30 miles north of Mosul in Iraq.

The footage shows the chaos inside a homemade "Mad Max-style” armoured personnel carrier as the fighters squabble while bullets fly.

It gives a rare glimpse of the bungling simpletons not shown in the so-called caliphate’s slick propaganda videos.

"Careful not to shoot at our brothers,” one yells.

"Where is my magazine?” another asks.

One lets rip with an assault rifle – but his bullet casings are hitting his comrades.

"Be careful, Abu Abdullah,” his pal scolds.

When one finally fires a rocket, all hell breaks loose and debris lands inside the open-air carrier.

"Good job – but you roasted us too.

"What is wrong with you, Abu Hajaar?” one of the men demands.

Finally, their vehicle is hit and the men jump out of the burning vehicle.

"The driver has died.” one yells.

The jihadist whose headcam caught the pandemonium is eventually mortally wounded by the enemy forces.

"I’ve been shot!” he yells as the rest of his comrades retreat.


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