Cars, buses and trucks find out exactly why you don't drive on black ice

17:30 | 28.01.2016
Footage uploaded to YouTube shows multiple cars – and even buses – losing control on the perilous road.

Vehicles driving down slide past with their wheels unmoving, while those going up slip back down uselessly.

At one point a rubbish truck is seen desperately trying to brake as it comes down the street before running a red light.

Locals are also seen trying to cross the black ice that coats the road, but stumbling and sliding down themselves.

The video was filmed by Samirə Abdullayeva in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and uploaded by Report news.

It is understood that despite the danger yesterday, no one was harmed by the runaway vehicles.

The city was in the grip of a brutal ice blast yesterday, with temperatures plummeting.

Azeryolservis, the government’s highways agency, said it had blown more than half its sprinkling salt keeping the roads clear.

Spokesman Anar Najafli told Azer News: "The supply of salt for sprinkling the roads amounted to 2,000 tons.

"About 1,000 tons of salt were directed for sprinkling the regional roads, 300 tons of salt were directed to serve the capital's roads.”

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