Download “Nar+” app and enjoy special bonuses!

11:15 | 19.03.2021
Nar is pleased to launch Novruz campaign for new subscribers registered in "Nar+” application, which allows users to perform a range of operations over the account. Under the campaign, all newly registered Nar subscribers will receive special bonuses within 24 hours. The campaign is valid until April 19.

"Nar+" allows you to easily manage your account and complete various operations with your number in a few seconds. With this application, subscribers can get information about tariffs, activate the most suitable tariff, change the existing tariff, order a new internet package, check and renew their bonuses.
Subscribers can also apply to the online chat service for various inquiries. Last year, the users of online chat services exceeded 195,000 in number.
Note that you can download the Nar+ app from AppStore or PlayStore.
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