Early parliamentary elections to be held in Canada

15:15 | 20.09.2021
Early parliamentary elections will be held today, on September 20, in Canada.

For the 44th time, residents of the country will have to determine who will represent their interests in the House of Commons (lower house) in the next four years. The leader of the winning party will become the prime minister.

The regular elections were due in 2023, but the Liberal Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, doesn’t have a majority in parliament. Recently, the cabinet chief has often criticized the work of the legislature for its slowness and even called it ‘a place of obstructionism’ because of the difficulties in approving the government agenda.

In this regard, on August 15, Trudeau announced the dissolution of parliament and the appointment of early elections for September 20. He hoped to carry out voting as early as possible to take advantage of public support in the context of the success in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and form a majority government, which he couldn’t do in 2019.


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