Erdogan: May 14 vote demonstrated strength of Turkish democracy

17:00 | 25.05.2023
The results of the May 14 vote in the presidential and 28th convocation parliamentary elections dispelled allegations of dictatorship in Türkiye, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Twitter, reported from Anadolu.

"We showed the world that attempts to manipulate public opinion through publications in certain foreign media will not lead to any results. The will of the people of Türkiye is unshakable!" he said.

Erdogan recalled that certain circles ahead of elections tried to inflate lies about the alleged existence of a dictatorship in Türkiye.

"Behind the disinformation campaign against Türkiye were also those who cannot get even half of the voters to turn out in elections in their own countries. The vote on May 14 dispelled the falsehoods circulated about our country," the Turkish leader said.

The politician further stressed the inadmissibility of flirting with separatists and terrorists in the name of achieving political goals.

According to the Turkish leader, the May 14 vote demonstrated the strength of Turkish democracy.

"The May 14 vote showed the level that Turkish democracy has reached in 21 years. All this is a common success of 85 million people in Türkiye, everyone who came to the polls regardless of political views. I am sure that thanks to the May 28 elections [the second round of presidential elections ], together we will expand the achievements of our country," the publication reads further.
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