EU supports construction of new transport corridors that don’t depend on Russia

10:30 | 21.11.2022
The European Union (EU) supports expanding cooperation with Central Asian countries, including the construction of transport corridors that don’t depend on Russia, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, wrote on his official blog.

"It is clear that Russia but also China have played a major role in the region and continue to do so. Equally, it is obvious that the region is looking to diversify its relationships and that they see the EU as a partner of choice. Leaders in the region are undertaking various reform programs. In addition, relations among Central Asian countries are improving,” he said.

"As EU, we have a clear interest to seize on these changes. We must deepen our ties with the region and tap into the vast potential it has to offer in terms of energy supplies, critical raw materials, and new transport corridors that do not depend on Russia (to so-called Middle Corridor or Trans Caspian Corridor),” Borrell wrote.
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