Fashion history in the making!

23:01 | 16.09.2016
Fashion history in the making!

Fashion history in the making!

A Muslim designer has made history by presenting the first ever collection at New York Fashion Week to feature hijabs in every look.

Anniesa Hasibuan is also the first Indonesian to have a show at an official NYFW venue.

The 30-year-old's collection, which she presented at Skylight At Moynihan Station, Manhattan, on Monday, featured 48 looks formed of 38 ready-to-wear pieces and ten evening gowns.

Her collection, called De Jayakarta, featured headscarves in gold, silver and pink, metallic silver and gold long skirts, beaded shiny jackets and silky pants.

The color pallet also included brown, peach and green.

The looks were finished off with bold statement jewelry, metallic waist bands and jeweled sunglasses.

The evening dresses featured a striking lace white lace cape overlaying pink a stunning trailing veil. 

Anniesa said that Monday's show was 'the best moment I ever had'.

She wrote on Instagram: 'Thank you so much for supporting me and D'JAKARTA, my latest design for NYFW The Show, Spring/Summer Collection 2017 , see you next year at NYFW , Inshaallah [God willing]'. 

Anniesa, who was born in Jakarta, started out pursuing fashion as a hobby by creating garments for friends.

As her career progressed she started taking fashion design courses in London and last year she made her first major runway debut in the English capital. 

'People sometimes think that I’ve just jumped straight into going to NYFW, but it was a process. It has been a long journey which I have taken step-by-step,' she told The Jakarta Post.   

Anniesa, who is married to entrepreneur Andika Surachman, has opened boutiques in Kemang, South Jakarta, and showcased her designs at Jakarta Fashion Week, in Istanbul, London and New York at the Couture New York Fashion Week and most recently at NYFW.

She said she was not initially certain about her ready-to-wear line but she was convinced by the positive reaction she received in Istanbul.

'The response was so positive that I have become more confident and am ready to focus on ready-to-wear garments, even though I started with couture,' she told the Indonesian newspaper.

She added: 'My ready-to-wear line is simple and elegant, but still uses the luxurious materials that I am known for, and my wearers can now feel like princesses in their day-to-day lives, not just on special occasions.'

Many of the pieces in the line are designed to be mix-and-match so that women can have their own take on the outfits.   


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