Finland to have new culture minister for one year

22:00 | 09.08.2019

Centrist MP Hanna Kosonen will become the Minister of Science and Culture in the Finnish left-center coalition government for the next 12 months, the government said on Thursday, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

She is replacing Annika Saarikko, who takes leave of absence for child birth and care.

The formal transfer will take place at the presidential presentation on Friday in Naantali. The arrangement was agreed upon in June when the cabinet was appointed.

Kosonen, 43, is a second term Member of Parliament from southeastern Finland. Kosonen is a world champion medalist in ski orienteering. She has a personal bronze medal and a team gold in the relay race from the Krasnojarsk World Ski Championships in 2000. Her academic education is in art history.