Hamas says it wants to extend truce

11:00 | 29.11.2023
Hamas says it wants to extend truce

Hamas says it wants to extend truce

Hamas is "striving to extend the truce" with Israel in the Gaza Strip by using all of the cards it has in negotiations, a member of the militant group's political bureau said, reported from CNN.

Ghazi Hamad said Hamas is in contact with Qatar and Egypt regarding the truce and that there are "efforts being made by other countries to pressure for a ceasefire."

The political bureau member said that "so far" there are no negotiations to release Israeli soldiers in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

"We are prepared and ready to achieve a comprehensive or partial deal. The comprehensive deal relates to the military (captives) in exchange for the release of all Palestinian detainees from Israeli prisons, or it may be a partial (deal) related to civilians, and this will be subject to the negotiations," Hamad said.

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