Identical couple are now bride and groom - PHOTO

23:31 | 22.08.2014
Identical couple are now bride and groom - PHOTO

Identical couple are now bride and groom - PHOTO

Both the brides looked lovely, in fact they looked almost identical as they walked down the aisle side-by-side in Russia's most controversial marriage.

In a country where same-sex weddings are banned and homosexuality only declassified as a mental illness in 1999, you would think Alina Davis and Ellison Brux would not have a chance of tying the knot.But there was a catch, and one that forced fuming wedding officials to allow the wedding to go ahead.Because Alina, 23, was born a man - Dimitriy Kozhuhov - and, since his birth certificate proved it, there was nothing to stop the union with his 21-year-old bride from going ahead.Even if they did both wear dresses.Alina, who is androgynous and goes around in female clothing every day, said: "We love each other and wanted to cement that union."We had no problems when we handed in the application to the registry office although we had expected a complaint or something but they didn't say anything.But then the head of the registry office called several times, telling us that they didn't want us to turn up both in wedding dresses. He said marriages in Russia were between a man and a woman and nobody else."But the ceremony in the Kutuzovsky Prospekt registry office in Moscow went ahead earlier this month anyway even when the determined couple turned up both dressed as the bride.It was not an entirely smooth affair; they were refused entry through the front door and were bundled inside through a rear entrance instead.The registry office head refused to comment this week but the couple say they will not allow his attitude to ruin their big day.Added Alina: "When we arrived at the day of the wedding, the head of the office was trying to hide us all the time."They rushed us into the office through a back door and that really offended us. He told us we were a disgrace to the society and we needed medical treatment."Now, I am pleased to see that the photos are being shared and it's being discussed and I hope we might inspire others to challenge the restrictive practices here and formalise their unions.‘We are not alone in having such problems. I have written to couples who are planning similar marriages and are afraid of failures with registration. Be aware – you cannot be refused."After all, girls are the fairer sex. They are beautiful. So if a guy looks like a girl – it’s wonderful.’'(

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