Ilham Aliyev: Armenia had its action plan in case of war

12:30 | 24.09.2021
"I know that the Armenian side had its own plan of action in case of war. In essence, Armenia started its implementation on September 27, 2020,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in an exclusive interview with National Defense magazine, commenting on the counteroffensive Operation Iron Fist.

"Naturally, the basis of our actions during the war was developed long before this date, but during the entire course of the military operation, we made adjustments,” the president said.

The head of state, speaking about the events of September 27, 2020, noted that every day he held meetings with the leadership of the Defense Ministry, the State Border Service, the Interior Ministry, the State Security Service, and the Foreign Intelligence Service.

"At these meetings, we summed up the past day, identified shortcomings, and also approved plans for the next day. Therefore, there was a very active daily work, and in many cases - the course of hostilities is already known - our actions, our operations came as a big surprise to the enemy,” he added.

The Azerbaijani president also spoke about how the name of the counteroffensive Operation Iron Fist was created: "Naturally, at the very beginning of hostilities, it had no name. I used the term ‘iron fist’ several times during my appeals to the Azerbaijani people when informing them about liberated cities and villages. I repeatedly said that our iron fist would smash the enemy’s head if the enemy didn’t voluntarily withdraw from all the occupied territories. Since society positively perceived this, I decided to call the operation that way - Iron Fist. But this didn’t happen immediately but at a certain stage of hostilities.”

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