Ilham Aliyev: Armenia lied to its people and world community

17:30 | 24.09.2021
"Diaspora organizations and the media controlled by the Armenian lobby distorted the essence of the conflict. The fact that Armenia is an aggressor and occupier, the fact that Armenia committed ethnic cleansing, genocide in Khojaly, destroyed monuments of our historical and cultural heritage - all this was hidden,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in an exclusive interview with National Defense magazine.

"Azerbaijan was presented as some kind of monster, as a totalitarian and authoritarian country. The Washington Post, the New York Post, Le Figaro and other media of the US, France, Germany and many other countries called me the ‘Aliyev’s authoritarian regime.’ Thus, the Armenian diaspora government - it is much more powerful than the government of the Republic of Armenia - created such a negative background.”

Ilham Aliyev noted that since the conflict immediately attracted the attention of the media, he used this opportunity to convey the truth about everything that was happening: "Everything that I said can be proved by documents. Every word I said corresponded to the historical truth and to what happened on the battlefield every day. The Armenian side lied to its people, lied to the world community about what happened during the Second Karabakh war and what preceded it. That is why their theses were unconvincing, in fact, they discredited Armenia, and we were able to convey the truth about what happened.”

"When the fight is fair – whether on the battlefield or in the information space - the Armenian side, of course, simply had no chances,” President Ilham Aliyev added.
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