Iran warns any US military action means war

12:00 | 31.01.2023
Any military option pursued by the United States against Iran would result in all-out conflict with regionwide ramifications, Iranian officials told Newsweek.

"In Iran's perspective, the use of the military option at any level means US entry into the war," Iran's Permanent Mission to the United Nations told Newsweek.

"For now," the Mission noted, "Iran considers such a possibility to be weak."

But the Mission also stated that "if the US miscalculates and starts a war," that the "consequences for the region and the world" of such conflict would be "up to" Washington.

In the event of such a development, the Mission asserted that "there is no doubt that Iran possesses the capability to defend its security and interests."

Reached for comment, a Pentagon spokesperson told Newsweek that "we've seen the press reports, but can confirm that no US military forces have conducted strikes or operations inside Iran."

Army Major John Moore, spokesperson for US Central Command, also denied any Pentagon role in the event, telling Newsweek that "US military forces were not involved in this weekend's strike in Iran."

"We continue to monitor the situation, but have nothing further to provide," the spokesperson added.
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