Iran's Rouhani says no to talks under U.S. pressure

16:00 | 26.09.2019

Iran will never hold talks with the United States under pressure, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, but added that lifting all the sanctions Washington imposed on Tehran and respecting a U.N. Security Council resolution could pave the way for talks, Trend reports citing Reuters.

"Our response to talks under pressure is NO,” said Rouhani, but warned that Iran might exit a 2015 nuclear deal if the European powers failed to salvage the deal.

"We are committed to the nuclear deal ... but Iran’s patience has a limit,” said the pragmatic president, who was architect of the deal with six powers.

Iran has criticized the European parties to the deal for their failure to protect Iran’s interests by shielding them from U.S. penalties which has been reimposed and tightened since last year when Washington exited the pact.
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