Is zika virus spreading?

22:01 | 23.06.2016
The footage shows the massive swarm clinging onto the car’s windscreen and buzzing around it.

Gordon Mokake, the driver who filmed the worrying incident, can be heard saying: "This is unbelievable, mosquitos everywhere.

"I have never seen so many mosquitos in my life,” he adds.

And the clip, filmed in the US state of North Dakota, was even scarier given the rising fears surrounding the deadly Zika virus.

The virus, which is transmitted by daytime mozzies, can cause severe brain malformations.

It is expected to hit Europe in a matter of weeks.

And the emergence of the clip will only add to the fears.

Mokake said of the incident: "Thousands if not millions of mosquitos surrounded our vehicle.

"We couldn’t help but be amazed as well as frightened because of the ongoing Zika virus problems.”

But the swarm of bugs falls in comparison to a giant cloud of locusts that was spotted in southern Russia.

A family’s barbeque was also ruined after millions of bugs descended on their home.

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