Korotchenko: ‘One should expect honest, frank dialogue between leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia’

19:00 | 25.05.2023
One should expect an honest and frank dialogue between the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia. Before that, everyone was witness to the fact that Yerevan all the time tried not to fulfill its previous obligations, but tried to play for time, while blaming Azerbaijan, Russian military expert, Director-General of the Caspian Institute for Strategic Studies Igor Korotchenko said.

The expert noted that the landmark event of this week should be a summit in Moscow, in which the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan will take part: "I think that in the presence of Putin, Pashinyan is unlikely to be able to continue his unconstructive policy. Moreover, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev will be there, who will absolutely clearly and uncompromisingly dot the i's and cross the t's, since the course of the Armenian leadership is absolutely unconstructive, but openly hostile not only towards Azerbaijan, but also towards Russia. We have seen Pashinyan’s rapid ‘drift’ towards the West and veiled threats about the readiness of Yerevan to withdraw from the Collective Security Treaty Organization.”

According to the political scientist, there is no alternative to a peace treaty.

"The main thing that is needed is to reach the exact parameters of the peace treaty. There is still a long way to go before it is signed. There is no alternative to the peace treaty. The delay in the signing affects first of all Armenia itself. Pashinyan says he recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and then makes contradictory statements. This kind of unconstructive behavior of Armenia will be rejected by both Putin and Aliyev,” Korotchenko concluded.

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