Miley Cyrus fan covers his body with 22 tattoos of the singer - PHOTO

16:30 | 17.12.2013
A Miley Cyrus fan has taken his obsession with the fan a little further than most by getting his body covered in tattoos of the pop singer.After collecting photographs and watching interviews with her since 2009, Carl McCoid, 40, has had 22 portraits, lyrics and quotes from the star inked onto his arms, torso, hands, and leg.Mr McCoid insists his obsession with the popstar did not contribute to the break up of his marriage in 2011 but told the Sun his wife thought his interest in the Hannah Montana star was 'a bit weird'.The 21-year-old singer has heard about Carl but said his fixation with her made her feel 'creeped'.Mr McCoid, who runs and ironing business in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, said: 'I think I need to go and see someone about it.'Miley has her own collection of tattoos including her grandmother Loretta Finley's portrait tattooed on her arm, 'love' written on the inside of her ear, a heart, a cross and peace sign on her fingers and an equals sign signalling her support for gay marriage.She got her first tattoo at just 17-years-old when she had the words 'Just Breathe' inked below her ribcage.Miley also has a large dream catcher on her side, a skull on her ankle and the word 'karma' on one finger.(
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