Ministry: Peaceful protests on Lachin road - legitimate right of Azerbaijani people

17:00 | 25.01.2023
UN has not commented on the plight of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani families who have been displaced from their homes for 30 years as a result of Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan, lived for years in tent cities, abandoned train cars, deprived of education, health care, and all other rights, Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry said regarding the recent statement of the UN Population Fund on the situation around the Lachin road. 

"It is unacceptable that the Population Fund issues a statement on the legitimate protests of Azerbaijanis," it noted.

"Peaceful protests on the Lachin road, the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, with the demand to prevent the illegal exploitation of Azerbaijan's natural resources, the transportation of these resources from Azerbaijan to Armenia, and the misuse of the Lachin road, which is intended only for humanitarian purposes, is the legitimate right of the Azerbaijani people," the ministry noted.
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