“Nar” launches “Canlı Kitab” social project

17:50 | 23.10.2019

Always providing support to people with physical disabilities in the projects of social importance, "Nar” has started a project "Canlı Kitab” in cooperation with the radio channel "Radio Antenn” 101 FM. Within the project, selected works of world and Azerbaijani literature will be narrated by famous actors and best readers and recorded on special electronic data carriers. Also, these works are broadcasted live on "Radio Antenn” 101 FM. The project aims to make fiction available for everyone by sharing interesting information about the lives and works of prominent representatives of Azerbaijani and world literature.   
Another reason of Nar’s support to this project is the lack of audio content in Azerbaijani for the people with visual impairment. At the end of the project, all voice records are to be presented on flash drives to those with reading difficulties. Eventually, it will lay the foundation of the audio library for people with visual impairment.
Notably, the program is aired on workdays from 10:00 to 12:00 on "Radio Antenn” 101 FM.


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