Nar-supported computer repair courses were launched for people with limited communication skills

16:30 | 06.12.2016
Second stage of "Training school" project started 
"Training School" social project, which is jointly carried out by Nar, "Uğur akademiyası" (Success Academy) and "Asan könüllüləri" (Asan volunteers) and aimed at integration of the citizens with limited communication skills into the society, started its next round. The second round will cover computer repair courses for 25 people with limited communication skills. 

The courses will be conducted by a specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field of IT and computer repairs. Alongside with the repairs, the participants will be taught main computer services (format, installation of different programs etc.). The second round of the "Training school" courses will run for a period of 2 months.

It is noteworthy that main purpose of the "Training School", organized under a slogan of "Life is more colourful with us", is to support vocational training of the people with limited communication skills and increase their job skills. Nar-supported project, considering participation of up to 75 youths with limited communication skills, was officially launched on November 7, 2016 on the specialty of design programs, one of pre-planned 4 directions.  

It is already for 3 years that within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, Nar takes various steps towards integration of people with disability in Azerbaijan. Implementing a number of social projects in this regard, Nar provided 11 people with limited communication skills with jobs and became a bright example in Azerbaijani business environment. In accordance with its relevant concept, Nar intends to carry out similar projects in the future and sustainably support such initiatives. 

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