Omicron strain spreading rapidly in Azerbaijan

16:30 | 27.01.2022
The Omicron strain of the coronavirus has begun to spread rapidly in Azerbaijan.

The press service of the Clinical Medical Center told journalists that 8,114 people contracted coronavirus this week, 53 of whom died.

Addressing the public about the current situation, Farrukh Sadirov, chief infectious disease specialist of the center, said that some people have recently become more confident, and this is very dangerous:

"People who get two doses should not be reassured because immunity begins to weaken five months after vaccination. The "third" dose can be called both an enhancer and a reminder dose. Because when the "booster" dose is taken, the body remembers the virus and becomes resistant to it."

The chief infectious disease specialist added that according to research, if two doses of vaccine can provide 25% protection from Omicron, after the third dose, this figure rises to 70%: "Vaccination remains the main way to protect against Omicron. By taking the booster dose and following the basic rules, you can protect yourself and your family."
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