Over $1B to be allocated to strengthen Ukraine's air defense system

10:00 | 10.07.2024
Over $1B to be allocated to strengthen Ukraine's air defense system

Over $1B to be allocated to strengthen Ukraine's air defense system

The US and its allies will allocate over $1 billion to Ukraine to strengthen its air defense system, as was reflected in the joint statement on strengthening Ukraine’s air defenses by leaders of the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Ukraine.

"We are committed to providing Ukraine with additional air defense capabilities as it defends itself against Russia’s continued aggression, including Russia’s deliberate attacks on Ukrainian cities and civilian and critical infrastructure.

Today, we are announcing that, collectively, we are providing Ukraine with additional strategic air defense systems, including additional Patriot batteries. These five strategic air defense systems will help to protect Ukrainian cities, civilians, and soldiers, and we are coordinating closely with the Ukrainian government so that these systems can be utilized rapidly. We are working on a further announcement this year of additional strategic air defense systems for Ukraine.

In addition, in the coming months, the United States and partners intend to provide Ukraine with dozens of tactical air defense systems, including NASAMS, HAWKs, IRIS T-SLM, IRIS T-SLS, and Gepard systems.

As we strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses, we are grateful to the coalition of more than 50 countries that continues to provide security assistance to Ukraine, as well as to the Immediate Action on Air Defense Initiative – to which partners have pledged more than $1 billion in support of air defense for Ukraine – and the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Capability Coalition, co-led by Germany and France.

We also welcome NATO’s work to support Ukraine’s efforts to develop a NATO-interoperable integrated air and missile defense architecture. Our message to Moscow and the world is clear: Our support for Ukraine is strong and unwavering,” reads the joint statement.

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