PM: S. Korea won’t try to get nuclear weapons

12:30 | 03.03.2023
South Korea doesn’t need nuclear arms to deter the threat from North Korea, the country’s Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said in an exclusive interview with CNN.

Several recent public surveys "definitely showed that we should re-arm ourselves. In nuclear capability terms, (the surveys say) we should go farther,” Han told CNN anchor and business editor-at-large Richard Quest during a sit-down in Seoul.

"We have built up a quite adequate level of our deterrence capabilities in close cooperation with the United States,” he said, adding that the government had "put a lot of emphasis” on strengthening its deterrence since President Yoon Suk Yeol took power last year.

"We should work together with the international community… to put a lot of continuous pressure on North Korea to denuclearize,” he said. "We would like to let North Korea know that developing and advancing nuclear capabilities will not guarantee the peace and prosperity in their country.”

"We are not disarming ourselves against North Korea,” he said. "But we are not closing the dialogue channel with North Korea … as long as North Korea is abstaining from their very strong nuclear ambitions.”
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