Reznikov: No talks with Russia, Ukraine will win this year

13:00 | 03.03.2023
No talks will be held with Russia, Defense Minister of Ukraine, Oliksii Reznikov, told Bild.

He said that talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin are impossible: "We are not afraid of Russia's nuclear rhetoric. This is a bluff. I know Russians. They cannot achieve their goals by using nuclear weapons."

According to Reznikov, the only future scenario is the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity: "We will restore our 1991 borders. Despite the situation's complexity, I believe the war will end this year with our victory. I am optimistic. I see the battle conditions and the support given to us. I understand that there are chances for us to win this year."

The minister also said that Western countries will provide Ukraine with several types of fighter jets: "I am sure we will have 2 or 3 types of fighter jets."
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