Ronaldo in court for tax evasion charge

21:22 | 22.01.2019
Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in court in Madrid amid a huge media presence to face tax evasion charges which could result in an €18.8m (£16.6m) fine, BBC reports.

A judge refused the player's request to appear by video or to enter the building by car to avoid the spotlight.

He is widely expected to plead guilty in a pre-agreed deal that would hand him a 23-month jail sentence.

In Spain, convicts are usually not sent to jail for sentences under two years.

The non-violent nature of Ronaldo's offence means it is unlikely he would face any time at all in jail under the deal.

The current Juventus player, who made an appearance for the club in Italy the night before, arrived smiling and giving a thumbs-up despite his previous request to enter the courthouse by car.

His lawyers had argued that given his fame, avoiding the main entrance was needed for the player's security.