Russia pays 4.6M euros in compensation according to ECHR decisions

12:00 | 23.01.2023
The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, as part of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), has paid compensation to 476 applicants for a total of 4.6 million euros, Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov said, reported from Russian media.

He noted that this decision came into force last year, when Russia withdrew from the Council of Europe.

Commenting on Russia’s withdrawal from many international organizations, in particular the extradition procedure, he noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office continues to take measures to strengthen cooperation with the competent authorities of other countries.

"On these issues, we interact not on the basis of documents of international organizations, but on bilateral and multilateral international treaties,” he added.

According to Krasnov, the number of requests for extradition sent by the Prosecutor General’s Office in 2022 increased to 418 from 379 in 2021. The number of granted requests for extradition also increased from 148 to 178.

On March 15, 2022, after Russia began hostilities in Ukraine, it was expelled from the Council of Europe.
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