Russian deputy sports minister: Azerbaijan has good experience in organizing events

17:44 | 09.09.2021
Interview of Russian Deputy Minister of Sports Alexei Morozov

- Two countries - Azerbaijan and Belarus - want to organize the 2nd Games of the CIS countries. Both Baku and Minsk have good experience in organizing events. What can you say about the venue of the next competition?

- Both are good candidates. Azerbaijan and Belarus hosted the First and Second European Games. I believe there is pretty good infrastructure and potential personnel for holding this competition at a high level. Today we discussed several points in connection with the organization of the event - the program and the gender issue. This is actually an excellent proposal that can influence the choice of the country where the competition will take place. That’s because there have been proposals in connection with Paralympic sports. We will discuss in detail the question in connection with sports. This year, the venue for the II Games of the CIS countries will be determined.

- Can the Games be open to other countries in the future?

- The Regulations on the Games of the CIS countries imply that the competition may be open. I think today we have some experience. After the closing ceremony on September 11, we will sum up the competition. We will see what the proposals will be from the participants of the competition, foreign athletes. This issue will undoubtedly be discussed.

- Russia is in the lead in the medal standings. Azerbaijan ranks fourth after Uzbekistan. What do you think about the standings?

- I think Russia will once again improve its position, and we won’t just collect awards. An amazing struggle is expected. To be honest, winning medals is not that important for us. Exchange of views is more important. The coaching staff meets with national teams and athletes from various countries. It is this exchange of views that is interesting to us.

- You have held two football tournaments among the CIS countries called the "Commonwealth Cup.” But later, the tournament failed. Can a similar problem arise in the future with the organization of the Games of the CIS countries?

- Football teams immediately impose a strict program on the organizers. This means that the number of participants and the requirements for the existing infrastructure are high. As I said, we received two proposals today. If there are proposals to include football or other sports in the program of the Games of the CIS countries, they will be considered.

- Usually, the first competition is organized at a high level. However, it is evident that there are specific problems in connection with the organization of the first Games of the CIS countries. For example, we expected Russian Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin and other officials to come here, but this didn’t happen. What is the reason for this?

- The minister was here this morning. Yesterday, as part of the work program, he received guests, an official welcoming ceremony took place. He participated in activities all day. Today he had to leave due to his official duties.
- What kinds of sports can be included in the games of the CIS countries in the future?
- Today, we were told that there is interest in Paralympic sports. I think the program will include actively developing sports, primarily wrestling, martial arts. We will also take into account the national sports not included in the Olympic program.

- So, if Azerbaijan hosts the second Games of the CIS countries, it can offer the inclusion of national sports in the program?
- Absolutely true.
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