Saakashvili: 'I'll change government with help of emigrants'

11:31 | 11.02.2019
Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili says he does not yet see the prerequisites for returning to his homeland.

'Today, the situation for our homecoming is not ready, we have to prepare it in the coming weeks and months, since it is impossible to look at the destruction of our country from the outside,' Saakashvili said on Sunday speaking at the Congress Hall in the Belgian city of Liege, where The World Assembly of Georgian Emigrants under the motto 'All Together Going Home.'

Saakashvili's speech was broadcast live by the Rustavi 2 television company.

The ex-president told his supporters that he has a plan for an 'emergency change of power' in Georgia, in which the emigrants will play one of the main roles.

'We must return to Georgia from 1 to 1.5 million of our fellow citizens, and for this we must create a financial institution, a bank for the revival of the country, in which the main shareholders will be emigrants. All of this will not happen if we don’t get rid of the oligarch who seized all power,' said Saakashvili.

He cited data that emigrants send up to $2.5 billion annually to their families in Georgia, which means that in fact 'emigrants form the state budget.'