Scandal with the Deputy Ramil Hasan’s wife

10:00 | 29.07.2020

Ekaterina Hasan, wife of the deputy Ramil Hasan, received a fine in Moldova. This case has become another scandalous episode of a long-term dark history, in which her husband – the public figure of Azerbaijan, elected to represent the country, is involved.

Ekaterina Hasan, the wife of the deputy of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Ramil Hasan, was sentenced to a fine in Moldova in the amount of 1,500 lei (about 89 US dollars). She was convicted of assault on Wael Almari. He is the father of Ekaterina’s daughter Malika, and who she was in a relationship with before entering into her current marriage.

The incident, followed by a lengthy court trial, took place on October 25, 2019. On that day the Guardianship Commission took the decision on the schedule of meetings of the father and the child. The schedule did not suit Ekaterina, and being unable to hold back her emotions, she attacked Vael punching him. The police imposed a fine on the unrestrained wife of the deputy Ramil Hasan. The proceedings reached the Chisinau Court of Appeal, which on July 8, 2020 confirmed that Ekaterina Hasan had violated the law and upheld the punishment measure established for her.

Ekaterina Hasan has had issues with the law for a long time and her influential husband assists her in this. Ekaterina was not even present at the hearing in the Chamber of Appeal. Back in February she escaped from Moldova to Azerbaijan, kidnapping Malika, their daughter with Vael Almari. It was a true kidnapping because the Moldovan court strictly forbade taking the child out of the country without the mutual consent of both parents, and the father has never provided such consent.

What relation does the deputy Ramil Hasan have with this hard-hitting story? - the most direct one. According to the available information, he was the one who took Malika out of Moldova. Under the shade of diplomatic immunity Ramil Hasan brought the child to the uncontrolled by Moldovan authorities separatist Transnistrian region, from where they entered Ukraine and then flew to Baku.

On this occasion the police opened a criminal investigation on the fact of breaching the law in accordance with the Article number 207 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova "Illegal removal of children from the country", sentencing as a punishment imprisonment for 2 to 6 years.

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