Surfer stunned when giant beast bursts from water – nearly swallowing her

16:01 | 08.04.2016
A chilled out surfer was having a rest on her board near Santa Cruz, California, when the unexpected happened.

After paddling over to a pair of kayakers, the bikini-clad woman can be seen chatting calmly to the fellow tourists.

But the tranquil waters are suddenly interrupted when a huge whale bursts from the water, just a few feet from the surfer.

The humpback whale emerges with it's giant mouth wide open. And the angle of the footage makes it look as if the young blonde has ended up as whale lunch.

Thankfully though, all three tourists are left unscathed after the shocking incident and the whale simply takes a huge mouthful of fish before disappearing back under the water.

The nail-biting moment was caught on camera by Barb Roettger, who witnessed the whole ordeal.

Since being uploaded, the video has gone viral and received hundreds of comments.

One Imgur user said that the swarm of circling birds was a good indicator that something was about to happen.

"A mass of frenzy seabirds is a serious warning sign on the water that something serious is boiling just below," they said.

Another wrote: "I thought they all died for a moment.”

This comes after a scuba diver was nearly swallowed when a giant 40-tonne whale breached right next to him.

Rainer Schimpf was filming the annual sardine run when a whale appeared from the depths.

The huge 15m Bryde's whale shoots up from the dark water below with it's mouth open wide and narrowly misses the lone diver.

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