Sweden boasts best looking fans at Euro 2016

17:35 | 21.06.2016
Tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swedes are known for their 'mild manners and gentlemanly ways', according to a Europe-wide poll.

Englishmen are 'generally polite and quiet' but their pre-match singing at matches across France has shown they can 'throw all caution to the wind and express their passion loudly and proudly'.

That helped propel them to fifth place ahead in the poll of most eligible fans to sleep with by members of love cheats' internet dating agency VictoriaMilan.

Spain, Germany and Italy supporters came second, third and fourth respectively while host nation France came 7th.

Turkey fans came bottom of the top 10.

Nearly 8,000 love cheats across Europe were asked which nationality of football fan they would like to have an affair with.

VictoriaMilan founder Sigurd Vedal said football tournaments ignite raw qualities in men that women are hugely attracted to.

"The unadulterated passion and enthusiasm of football fans is a huge turn-on for women,'' he said.

"They see emotion, rage, love and fire all in one football game and they want to see the same feelings translated into a physical love affair.''


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