The blond boy executioner

23:01 | 20.09.2016
A shocking new video from ISIS shows an angelic-looking blond boy being handed a gun and forced to execute a prisoner in cold blood in Iraq.

The 15-minute video is thought to have been recorded recently in Mosul, in northern Iraq, which the Iraqi Army is hoping to recapture from ISIS this year.

The video, which is entitled 'But If You Return, We Will Return 3' and involves a lengthy narrative about air strikes, was released yesterday on various ISIS terrorist channels.

It culminates in the blond-haired boy, who is aged no older than ten but is dressed in combat fatigues, being handed a large handgun and encouraged to fire it into the back of the head of a prisoner of war, wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The narrator claims the man who has just been shot in cold blood was a 'spy' captured in 'Wilayat Ninawa', a reference to Nineveh, an ancient name for an area of northern Iraq near Mosul.

The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on September 19.

Last month the organisation released another sick video in which five boys - believed to be from Britain, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Uzbekistan - used handguns to execute prisoners.

In January this year Isa Dare, a five-year-old British boy dubbed 'Jihadi Junior' featured in an ISIS video. 

He shouted: 'We will kill the kuffar [non-believers]' before ISIS fighters executed several prisoners. His mother, Grace Dare, from Lewisham, south east London, is believed to have taken him to join ISIS

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