The international level scandal with the involved in kidnapping deputy of the Milli Majlis Ramil Hasan continues

14:16 | 21.01.2021

Recently, the deputy of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ramil Hasan has visited Moldova. It, however, was not an official visit, but a private one. Hasan came to hush up the criminal case opened for kidnapping and illegal removal of his wife and her former partner's childfrom the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Removing a child out of the country based on forged documents or illegally otherwise according to the Art. 207 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova presume a punishment by imprisonment for a term of 2 to 6 years. 
Let's remind that the spouse of the deputy is wanted on the territory of the CIS countries. After unsuccessful attempts to blackmail her former partner, the British citizen, Ekaterina married Ramil Hasan in order toillegally export her child out of the country with his help. 
During the hearings on the child custody case in Moldova, within the court sessions Ramil Hasan provided his photos with Azerbaijan and Turkey presidents, trying in that way to put pressure on the judges. The deputy also provided a strange, or rather fake, salary certificate for$11.000 per month, issued by a small advertising agency Etna Group. At that time, only four employees of this company were registered on the LinkedIn professional network and no one with the name Hasan. When this fact was discovered, many questions arose: whom is Ramil Hasan deceiving - the Moldovan court, presenting a certificate with dozens of times higher salaries, or the Azerbaijani authorities, evading paying taxes. 
Even before there was taken the final decision on the custody case, MP Ramil Hasan, using his diplomatic status has made several attempts toget the child out of Moldova through the Chisinau airport. These cases were officially recorded by the Airport's Border Police. Then he and his wife repeatedly were taking the child through Transnistria, a separatist region uncontrolled by the constitutional Moldovan authorities. This made it possible to avoid the Moldovan border control procedure and, thus, bypass the ban on the girl's departure abroad, violating in this way the prohibition of the child's travelling abroad without the consent of herfather. 
On 18th February, 2020 the decision of the Supreme Court of Moldova granted custody to the girl's father. On the same day the child was kidnapped and taken to Azerbaijan. This year in early February, the decision of the Moldovan court on establishing the little girl's custodywill be considered by the Azerbaijani Supreme Court. Fearing the hype and realizing that they with his wife Ekaterina will lose the case, the deputy arrived to Chisinau and insisted on the withdrawal of the court claim (by the way the girl’s father was not present there, Hasan flatly refused to meet him). In that way Hasan practically demanded the fatherof the girl to abandon his child. In return, he promised to allow the girl's father to speak with his daughter on the phone. Hasan was denied on the claim's withdrawal and now the MP will surely have to answer uncomfortable questions about his role in the kidnapping. 
It is known that the deputy's wife blackmailed her former cohabitant, using the child as a tool in achieving her goals, even before meeting her current husband. She sought additional payments in exchange for allowing the father to see the child. 
The deputy and diplomat Ramil Hasan make a mistake by mistake. Very strange mistakes: a person of his level must have considered three steps ahead, realizing the consequences of his actions. The wife has been using him for more than a year, solving her personal problems. Hasan is stuck in the spiderweb and every next step he makes only aggravates the situation, seriously harms diplomatic relations and the image of Azerbaijan. Ramil Hasan most actively violated and continues to violate the law. We repeat, all these are not about a usual person. The woman,who removed the child illegally from Moldova, is covered by theAzerbaijani deputy, the representative of the country's legislative body. Does it mean that Azerbaijan is covering the kidnapper?
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