The Member of the Parliament Ramil Hasan became an accomplice in a kidnapping crime

11:12 | 23.03.2020

The MP Ramil Hasan was once again implicated in a scandal – this time with kidnapping.

Moldovan legal authorities started a criminal case on Ecaterina Hasan – the wife of Ramil Hasan. She is charged under the Art. 207 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova: «Illegal removal of a child from the country». This applies the penalty of imprisoning from 2 to 6 years. Her husband – the MP of Milli Majlis Ramil Hasan, is part in the case as accomplice.

Ramil Hasan with his current wife Ecaterina has left from Moldova to Ukraine through Transnistria - the separatist, uncontrolled by constitutional authorities region between Moldova and Ukraine. They have illegally brought with them the five-year-old daughter of Ecaterina. Why illegally? Because the recent decision of the Chisinau Court of Appeal stated that the child – the five-year-old daughter – should live with her father. Even though before the case was decided in the father’s favor, the court forbade to take the child out of the country without father's consent and it was confirmed that there was no father's consent given for any travels.

It was discovered that the couple Mr. and Mrs. Hasan are hiding from Moldovan Justice in Baku along with the kidnapped child. Earlier, according to the official evidence reported by the State Border Service of Ukraine, the child crossed the border several times. It is clear that the five-year-old girl could not go abroad independently and according to unofficial data Ramil Hasan has repeatedly used his diplomatic passport to cover up these illegal removals of the child from Moldova.

Let's remind also that a few weeks ago the Azerbaijani Member of Parliament Ramil Hasan was involved into a huge scandal with a fake salary certificate. The document, submitted by himself to the court, stated that he is the International Business Development Director of Etna Group Baku company with a monthly salary of $ 11 thousand. According to the arguments of the opposite side, Ramil Hasan either deceived Moldovan Justice or, most likely, avoids paying taxes in Azerbaijan.
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