This is what happens to human blood if you get bitten by a snake

21:30 | 22.04.2016
If you were already terrified of snakes this video might be enough to put you off them for good.

The clip, made by the BBC's Earth Unplugged team, shows what happens to human blood when you get bitten by a snake.

Presenter Maddie Moate donates 10ml of her own blood which is then pumped with venom from a Saw-scaled viper.

Within seconds the venom begins to attack the blood cells turing it into congealed jelly-like substance.

If untreated, death soon follows as the blood struggles to make its way around the body.

What makes this video even more terrifying is the snake used isn't even in the top 10 of the most deadly.

Although the Saw-scaled viper is a relatively small snake it only takes between 3 and 5 mg of venom to kill a human.

It's thought snake bites kill around 100,000 people per year with another 500,000 left permantely disfigured by attacks.


1. Sea Snake

2. Taipan

3. Russell’s Viper

4. Eastern Brown Snake

5. Black Mamba

6. Tiger Rattlesnake

7. Boomslang

8. Common Krait

9. Desert Horned Viper

10. Tiger Snake

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