Turkiye's ruling party calls on world to fight terrorism

13:30 | 21.11.2022
No country should support terrorists for its own interests, Numan Kurtulmus, the deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party of Turkiye (AK Party), who is on a visit to Azerbaijan, told journalists.

"We have to show our firm position against terrorism. At the same time, I call on all countries to fight against terrorist organizations that are enemies of humanity," he said.

According to Numan Kurtulmus, terrorists are the only target in the military operations conducted by Turkiye:

"Unfortunately, terrorist organizations are not on their own; they are supported. In particular, they receive logistical, political, weapons, and even intelligence support."

Kurtulmus said that operations are carried out against terrorists in both Syria and Iraq from time to time: "Terrorists cannot be good or bad. No country should support terrorists for its own interests."

The deputy chairman emphasized that if the support behind terrorism is withdrawn, there will be no terrorist organizations in the world in a very short time - within a week or ten days: "But unfortunately, some countries with friendly relations continue to support terrorist organizations."

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