Two heads are better than one

21:02 | 04.05.2016
This is the amazing moment a two-headed lizard fed itself with both of its mouths at the same time.

The animal, made up of two conjoined lizards, was placed in a bowl with its dinner at its home in China.

The creature showed that its two heads were remarkably in sync when they both leaned towards their prey and scooped up woodlice with their tongues at exactly the same time.

The lizards then wolfed down their meals before taking it in turns to pick off the next woodlouse, with a helping hand from their owner who prodded a few in their direction. 

The video was posted by reptile shop GoodShop GS, and has been viewed more than three MILLION times on Facebook.
Some commenters have called the lizard cute, while others have said it is disgusting and creepy.

Kim Simmons speculated that one lizard was more powerful than the other, saying: 'Wow you can really tell which one is more dominant. He is a lot fatter.'

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